thou art my sister


Our Poetic Premise

Thou Art My Sister

Thou art my sister because we were born of the same Great Spirit;

Conceived from the same mound of earth;

Slept quietly together in the cradle of the Unknowing until

He in His gentleness set us in the midst of humanity

Thou Art  My Sister, I Love You.

You and I are destined to be companions on the highway of life-Together or apart, you are my sister 

and I love you…

If the color of my skin is different from yours, it mattereth not,

Only let the beauty of our souls be kindred.

Thou Are My Sister, I Love You.

I will honor our wisdom and understanding, as you will mine.

Together we shall see the seeds of truth in the distant rooms of the Great Spirit;

The reflection of inner knowledge shall wear as beauty upon our face….

Thou Art  My Sister, I Love You.

I will be human and fall down in rough places;

But thy hands is near mine, I will reach for it, I shall not be alone,

I will embrace you when the rains of sorrow visit you,

I will befriend your soul as if it were my own…


Thou Art My Sister, I Love You.

If death takes from me the lamp of life, and the veil of eternal sleep falls across my eyes before yours,

I will wait for you.

I will come to lead you across the bridge of night into the meadows of the Great Spirit.

Thou Art My Sister, I Love You!

Jean Humphrey Chaillie  / Arizona Highways, September, 1978

Thou Art My Sister Ministries - Outreach Ministries


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Our Ministry to the Homeless

Serving the homeless

Serving our Neighbors

Our Needs

toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soap, wash clothes, bottle water, energy bars, tote bags, backpacks, coats, gloves, blankets, hats, and hand sanitizer.

Our Ministry to Specialized Populations


Introducing the hope of salvation to others by words, deeds, and action.  

Providing care packages, spiritual support and a listening ear to women and children who are experiencing homelessness.

Helping to prevent homelessness by providing community referrals.

Helping to prevent homelessness by advocating for persons who are at risk of eviction.   

Providing love and support to persons with special needs.



Let me be a voice for the speechless,

Those who are small and weak;

Let me speak for all helpless creatures

Who have no power to speak.

I have lifted my heart to heaven On behalf of the least of these - 

the frightened, the homeless, the hungry.

I am voicing their pleas.. 

If I can help any creature, 

Respond to a desperate call, 

I will know that my prayer has been answered

By the GOD Who created them all. 

 - Helen Inwood -