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Karen Shields-Smith

Seniors Ministry Mission Objective

Seniors Ministry Mission Objective


Seniors Ministry Coordinator 

Karen started her volunteering at the early age of ten years old when she was a member of a girl’s club that provided support and services to the Missouri State Girl’s Home in her hometown of Chillicothe. She has worked with different church ministries, social and civic organizations over the last fifty years in assisting with their outreach programs in the community. She worked internationally with the Salvation Army Program in Panama City,

Panama. At the Salvation Army, she taught blind and disabled senior citizens arts and crafts. She additionally prepared and provided monthly meals to them. Karen worked with the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Panama City, Panama as the coordinator of their community outreach program. She worked with the seniors who lived in a VFW group home whose needs were provided through the generous donations of the VFW and other organizations. She ensured that the seniors had food, clothing and essential items to live comfortably. Since there was no social services system in the country to help people, she solicited donations from American citizens as well as planned and developed fundraising projects. Karen developed the SOCKS (Stewards of Christ Kingdom) program with her grandson to teach him how to give back in his community by distributing socks to the homeless. Karen feels that giving back strengthens our community and shows the love of Jesus.

Seniors Ministry Mission Objective

Seniors Ministry Mission Objective

Seniors Ministry Mission Objective


  • To provide spiritual guidance, social, physical and recreational activities, healthy lifestyle promotion, housing information guidance, and nutritional meals to those women 55 years and older in the community.

  • Engage with the senior women within the community to assist indirecting them to an all inclusive and independent life. 

  • Encourage and promote opportunities that foster a sense of being a part of the community and a useful purpose in life.

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Our Ministry Events

Seniors Ministry Mission Objective

Our Ministry Events


We will  provide spiritual, social, and other support to seniors on a monthly basis.

2020 Ministry Events

January - Nursing Home Outreach

Feb. 26 -Women & African American History

February - Nursing Home Outreach

March - Nursing Home Outreach

April - Nursing Home Outreach

May 10 - Celebrating Moms - Union Gospel Mission

May - Nursing Home Outreach

June - Nursing Home Outreach

July - Nursing Home Outreach

August - Nursing Home Outreach

August 11 - Homeless Outreach

September -  Nursing Home Outreach

October - Nursing Home Outreach

November 11 - Coat Giveaway - 

(Union Gospel Mission)

December 18 - Holiday Outreach

December - Nursing Home Outreach

Our Location

Meadowbrook UMC 

3900 Meadowbrook Drive # 220

Fort Worth, Texas  76103